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promotion rules and regulations

"Betcris invites you to the NBA House, The Best Basketball Party in the Dominican Republic".

These regulations establish the terms and conditions that will govern the sweepstakes/promotion called "Betcris invites you to the NBA House, The Best Basketball Party in Dominican Republic". The person who wishes to participate (hereinafter "The Participant") acknowledges and accepts that the development and execution of this promotional activity with exclusive commercial advertising purposes will be subject solely and exclusively to these Terms and Conditions.

This promotion is organized exclusively by BETCRIS BANCA DE APUTA S.R.L., domiciled at Ave. Lope De Vega No. 29, Torre Novo Centro, Local 501, Ensanche Naco, in the City of Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Capital of the Dominican Republic (hereinafter also referred to as "THE ORGANIZER"). THE ORGANIZER is solely and exclusively responsible for organizing the promotion and offering the benefits related thereto.

Definition of NBA entities:

NBA Properties, Inc, the National Basketball Association (the "NBA") and the member teams of the NBA (collectively, the "NBA Entities").

FIRST: THE OBJECT: The sweepstakes/promotion with exclusive commercial advertising purposes called "Betcris invites you to the NBA House, The best Basketball Party in the Dominican Republic"(hereinafter "THE PROMOTION"), whose brand involved is "Betcris" and consists of the Player having to make a deposit at www.betcris.do (hereinafter "Betcris web page in Dominican Republic") for a minimum amount of USD$60 (legal currency of the United States of America or its equivalent in the local currency at the exchange rate of the day the deposit is made).

The player will be able to accumulate electronic tickets for each deposit made equal or greater than USD$60 in order to increase the chances of winning. Example: If the player deposits USD$120 in a single deposit he/she will be credited with two electronic tickets and so on according to the amount deposited.


Player/Participant: a person over 18 years of age who has an active account on Betcris web pages.

Organizer: THE PROMOTION is organized by BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L. Regulation: Refers to the present document which regulates the terms and conditions of THE PROMOTION.

Potential Winner: participant who is favored with the promotion and who has complied with the acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Prizes: are those described in the seventh clause of these regulations.

third. term of the promotion: THE PROMOTION shall commence on May 13, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TIME) and shall end on will end on May 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TIME).

FOURTH. TERRITORY: This promotion shall be valid and shall be effective only in the Dominican Republic and shall be governed by the laws of the Dominican Republic, being the ordinary courts of the Dominican Republic competent to hear any dispute regarding the provisions of these regulations and the instances created for this purpose, as well as everything related to the promotion "Betcris invites you to the NBA House, The Best Basketball Party in Dominican Republic".

FIFTH. OF THE PLAYERS/PARTICIPANTS: All persons who meet the following requirements may participate:

- Participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid and current identification document.

- Accept these terms and conditions.

- Holders of a gaming account, which must be active on the website www.betcris.do.

- Be a resident of the Dominican Republic.

- Comply with the other conditions detailed in the mechanics of THE PROMOTION as indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

Employees of NBA entities, including affiliates, agents, and members of the immediate family or those living in the same household of such employees are not eligible to participate or win the promotion, minors and partners, shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers, directors, officers, consultants, agents, advertising agencies, as well as employees, their parents, children, siblings, spouses, siblings of spouses, spouses' siblings, partners of the ORGANIZER, of its affiliated parent companies are excluded from participating in the PROMOTION. In the event that, in contravention of these rules, it is proven that one of the aforementioned persons has participated in the contest and is the winner of any of the prizes, such participation shall be canceled and THE ORGANIZER shall conduct the contest again to choose another winner.

THE ORGANIZER shall invalidate by right any participation of any Participant, if the Organizer proves that the Participant has tried to, or has effectively managed to, manipulate in an unlawful or fraudulent manner, the administration, security, fairness and proper execution of the Promotion. Including falsification of data or use by any means.

SIXTH. FORM OF PARTICIPATION: To participate the player/participant must make a deposit at www.betcris.do for a minimum amount of USD$60 (legal tender of the United States of America or its equivalent in local currency at the exchange rate on the day the deposit is made).

The player will be able to accumulate electronic tickets for each deposit made equal or greater than USD$60 in order to increase the chances of winning. Example: If the player deposits USD$120 in a single deposit he/she will be credited with two electronic tickets and so on according to the amount deposited.

The winners of the sweepstakes will be randomly selected through the AppSorteos platform and notified via their customer number on Social Networks and email, on Wednesday, June 05, 2024, using the contact information provided in their Betcris account.

Winners must provide proof of identity that they are the Betcris account holder.

The prizes will be credited as follows: once the documents are validated and the winner's validity is confirmed, the winner will receive his/her double electronic ticket, which accredits him/her as the winner of the promotion.

Each winner and his/her companion must present their identity card or passport on the day of the event to verify that they are on the guest list, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the venue.

SEVENTH. PRIZES: There will be six winners who will be the first six accounts randomly selected. The prizes of the promotion are as indicated below:

  1. 6 double tickets to the "NBA House" event organized by NBA, on June 9, 2024 for Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
  2. Prizes will be credited to the winners by e-mail after fulfilling the conditions indicated in these rules.
  3. The prizes obtained may not be negotiated, exchanged for others, may not be returned, nor may the payment of the equivalent monetary value be demanded.
  4. In the event that they are unable to attend the NBA House event organized by the NBA, the prize will be forfeited.


The players/participants will become winners randomly by drawing lots, as determined in the sixth clause. Once THE ORGANIZER identifies the first six (06) winners, they will be informed of their status as winners.

If any one or more of the first six (06) winners selected cannot be contacted to coordinate the delivery of the prize or does not claim it according to the terms outlined in this document, a name will be selected from the list of 6 alternate winners until the entire prize delivery is completed.

The ORGANIZER will communicate through its Social Networks in the Dominican Republic and via email, the account number of the winners, indicating details of verification and accreditation of the prize and will contact them to accredit their prize. Winners will receive their prize via email. If at the end of the twenty-four (24) day period, the winners will receive their prize via email.

(24) hours after being notified by the ORGANIZER, if any of the winners has not claimed his/her prize, a name will be selected from the list of 6 alternate winners until the delivery of the prizes is completed.

If the winners fail to comply with any of the requirements, the prize will not be credited. In the event that the winner does not comply with the conditions and obligations herein, the player will be disqualified and the next alternate winner who has been verified to have complied with the requirements will be chosen.

The prize may not be redeemed by any person other than the WINNER, nor is it transferable to another person.

By participating in THE PROMOTION, participants and winners agree to hold harmless and indemnify THE ORGANIZER and the NBA from any and all damages, harm, losses, claims, claims, electronic tickets and obligations of any kind, caused to the winner, family members or any person or property related to this, occurred as a result of having participated in this or having accepted, possessed, used, enjoyed or not having used the prize.

ninth. acceptance of these rules: The player/participant of this promotion accepts that the fact of participating in this promotion is a manifestation of his/her knowledge and conformity with the present Terms and Conditions. Acknowledging that it is his/her express will to adhere to the terms presented, the rules of the game and the regulations of the organizer Betcris Banca de Apuestas. S.R.L.

TENTH. JURISDICTION: Any controversy of the present Terms and Conditions will be resolved under the legislation of the Dominican Republic based on the criteria of proportionality and reasonableness; submitting to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Distrito Nacional, capital of the Dominican Republic.

Eleventh. MODIFICATION, EXTENSION AND CANCELLATION: THE ORGANIZER may suspend THE PROMOTION provided it obtains prior approval from the Executive Directorate of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro-Consumer), in accordance with article two of Resolution No. 009/2011 on the Regulation of Contests, Raffles and Sweepstakes in the Dominican Republic, issued by Pro-Consumer on October 20, 2011. 009/2011 on Regulation of Contests, Raffles and Sweepstakes in the Dominican Republic, issued by Pro-Consumer, dated October 20, 2011, in the following cases: (1) In the event of an act of God or force majeure the Organizing company reserves the right to change the nature or characteristics of the prizes, without prior notice by a mass media; (2) If the winning participants do not strictly comply with all their obligations under these regulations or do not comply with the requirements and conditions stipulated;

(3) If any of the winners, directly or indirectly, commit any action that damages the reputation of the ORGANIZER, its representatives or agents, its brands or its public relations in the market; (4) If the winners for any reason do not accept the prize, in which case it shall be considered, for all legal purposes, as waived, and the ORGANIZER may dispose of the prize in the manner it deems appropriate. THE ORGANIZER reserves the right to limit, modify, extend or cancel this promotion, at its sole discretion, without incurring any liability for this, after informing consumers via the means of communication it deems appropriate; (5) THE ORGANIZER may cancel the event, without incurring any liability, if any authority of the Dominican Republic so requires or is notified of any objection by the authorities. In the event that this objection is momentary, THE ORGANIZER may extend the awarding of the prize until the point in dispute is resolved.

The decisions of THE ORGANIZER on all aspects of THE PROMOTION and these Terms and Conditions shall be final unless they require the approval of the Executive Directorate of Pro-Consumer, in accordance with the second article of Resolution No. 009/2011 on Regulation of Contests, Raffles and Sweepstakes in the Dominican Republic, issued by the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro-Consumer), on October 20, 2011.

twelfth. protection of personal data and image rights:

The personal data requested for the activation of your participation will be incorporated into an automated file to be used in communications related to this promotion and in order to be contacted by the ORGANIZER. The winner will allow verification of their identity and the use of their name and likeness (Right of

Advertising) by The NBA and THE ORGANIZER, THE ORGANIZER without additional compensation; and (b) agrees to release The NBA and THE ORGANIZER from any claims or damages that may arise in connection with the contest, sweepstakes, or promotion. The file is completely confidential and the owner of the registered personal data may at any time exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To do so, simply contact the contacts indicated in these regulations. In case of cancellation and opposition to the data, the participant will be excluded from the contest and will not have the right to exercise any claim on the prizes. In order to accredit the Prize, the eventual winner(s) must authorize the use of his/her name, voice or image in the different advertising media in order to publish the result of the promotion, either during the promotional period or after the expiration of the same. This authorization will not imply any obligation to remunerate or compensate the participant additionally. For such purposes, the potential winner will allow and expressly authorize the use of his/her image rights as a condition for the prize to be awarded. They also understand and agree that THE ORGANIZER may use the data for advertising purposes related to THE ORGANIZER and its products, which may include using the contact information to send messages, products, information or marketing materials (such as newsletters, brochures, articles or promotions), respond to customer service requests and provide information about our products. In turn, THE ORGANIZER may offer surveys, contests or sweepstakes, or conduct focused research or studies, which may require you to voluntarily share personal information in order to participate. These activities will generally have additional notices that provide more information about the use of your personal information and for which you may be asked to consent. THE ORGANIZER may use the information you have provided to us, in conjunction with information about what advertisements you have viewed and other information we collect, in order to have the ability to provide customized content and to study the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns. THE ORGANIZER may disclose personal information as part of an actual or contemplated corporate transaction such as a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or disposition of all or any part of our business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings). Your personal information may be processed by THE ORGANIZER, its affiliated or related companies or service providers that they have contracted anywhere in the world, including countries where data privacy laws may not be equivalent or as protective as the laws of the Dominican Republic. THE ORGANIZER will implement appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information remains protected and secure when transferred outside the Dominican Republic, in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

In addition, the winners grant the right to use their image and agree to allow the use of their image by

production and use photographic, audiovisual, digital or any other form of works. Which may be disseminated by any means or channel that include your image as a winner of the sweepstakes, in promotional campaigns and other support materials that are considered relevant to promote and share this experience as a winner Betcris.

Participants in this promotion agree to be bound by these Official Rules and agree that the NBA Entities and their designees and assigns may use participant's name, voice, city/state of residence, photos, video or film clips, or other visual likeness for advertising or commercial purposes or for any other purpose in any media or format now known or hereafter known without additional compensation (financial or otherwise), permission or notice.

All information received will be considered and treated as confidential and security measures implemented by BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L. will be applied in accordance with the requirements established in the relevant regulations to ensure its proper treatment. BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L., informs the participant that he/she may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in case he/she is requested information that is considered Personal Data.

BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L, "is exempted" to "reaffirms its obligation to submit information considered confidential if required by an authority in compliance with tax or anti-money laundering regulations. In case of these requirements, THE ORGANIZER shall inform or not the delivery of this information as long as the competent authority allows it.

THIRTEENTH. LIABILITY: The responsibility of the ORGANIZER is limited solely and exclusively to deliver/credit the prizes to the persons who are actually identified as winners. THE ORGANIZER is not responsible under any circumstances for anything other than the delivery of the prize and assumes no responsibility for the use or destination that the winner gives to the prizes received, their stay in the places or commitments of visa, stay or stay in the event.

ORGANIZER shall not intervene, nor shall it have any responsibility or liability for any inconvenience or problems with the ownership of such prize. The NBA entities and each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, governors, owners, distributors, retailers, agents, assigns, advertising/promotional agencies, representatives and agents shall have no liability and shall be released and discharged from any and all claims, action, liability, loss, injury or damage, including, but not limited to, personal injury or death of the winner or any third party or damage to personal or real property due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, for any reason, including acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prize or participation in this promotion.

The Winners expressly release BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L. from any responsibility, situation or limitations that may arise in the event, stadium or by addressing them. Understanding in said clause that BETCRIS BANCA DE APUESTA S.R.L. will only provide what is promised in Article Seven of this agreement. Therefore, what is not promised in this article is excluded from the contractual relationship of this prize.


  1. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  2. Promotion available only for 18 years of age or older residents of the Dominican Republic.
  3. Promotion available only for recreational players (non-professional players).
  4. Betcris reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this promotion at any time.
  5. Players are only eligible if they reside in the Dominican Republic.
  6. Winners must cover the cost of transportation to and from the event.
  7. Participants authorize THE ORGANIZER, without the right to any compensation, to use their name, image and voice for advertising and commercial purposes related to this Activity or any other commercial advertising of THE ORGANIZER, through print, digital, audio or video media, if applicable, for up to one year after the end of the promotion. In any case, the participant may revoke such authorization at any time by sending a written document, accompanied by a copy of his/her Identity and Electoral ID or Passport to THE ORGANIZER.
  8. The player/participant may make deposits by any payment method available in the online cashier.

I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By agreeing to the above terms, you consent to your personal information being collected, stored and processed on behalf of NBA Properties, Inc. Details on how to withdraw your consent are available in the Privacy Policy.

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