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FIFA Women's World Cup a tough competition


The ongoing FIFA Women's World Cup, which takes place in Australia and New Zealand from July 20, is not simply a competition. Instead, it serves as the definitive benchmark for women's sports. It stands alone on the calendar, devoid of any comparable magnitude, making it a litmus test for measuring genuine investment in the pursuit by all parties involved. So far, it has not disappointed in any way.

All eyes on the competition

The opening matches of the 2023 Women's World Cup brought stunning results that left the audience in awe. Norway suffered a shock defeat at the hands of New Zealand, while England narrowly secured a victory over them. Meanwhile, France demonstrated their defensive prowess by not allowing Jamaica to score a single goal during their match.

In a remarkable turn of events, the Philippines created an unprecedented moment in Women's World Cup history by scoring their opening goal, subsequently securing their first win against New Zealand. They managed to hold on to their lead amidst New Zealand's unexpected defeat with a narrow 1-0 scoreline.

In contrast, the New Zealand team, despite their earlier success in the first match of the tournament, had endured six previous trips before achieving their first victory. New Zealand had previously caused an upset by defeating group favorites Norway in their opening match.

Switzerland and Norway met in a thrilling match where Gaelle Thalmann's exceptional save secured a goalless draw. Norway were without their talented midfielder, Ada Hegerberg, due to an unfortunate injury.

Meanwhile, the United States kicked off its Women's World Cup campaign with a dominant 3-0 victory over Vietnam. Securing a third straight title will prove to be a tremendous challenge for the aspiring international team.

Norway's determination to make up lost ground persisted as they failed to secure a place in Switzerland. Leading the group in Group A on Matchday 3, the Swiss maintained their supremacy, leaving Norway in dire need of victory and assistance to avoid the second early elimination of their ninth World Cup appearance in the group stage.

Late Monday night, Colombia triumphed over South Korea, marking the completion of their opening group stage games. Within Group H, the South American team emerges as a formidable opponent and the main contender to Germany's supremacy.

On Wednesday, the second round of group competitions resumes with a busy schedule. Group C will witness two exciting matches, while Group B is set for an intense clash. In addition, the United States is eagerly awaiting its next match in Group E.

Women's soccer gains exceptional reputation

The transition from passive observation to active participation as another company that can cultivate its own sponsors and curate its own narratives is a discernible progression. Surpassing viewership statistics from the previous tournament, France 2019, with only a week to go, despite contrasting time zones in the host nation, substantiates the game's return to Europe during the morning hours.

The World Cup has attracted more than two billion viewers per season, a significant increase from the previous edition's 1.12 billion viewers. These numbers align with recent data from leading European competitions. One example is England's Women's Super League, which saw a remarkable 70% increase in viewership during the 2022/2023 season, as reported by Sky, a licensed operator.

From a logical point of view, this phenomenon has led to a significant increase in spectators at sports stadiums. Specifically, at the European level, where the English competition occupies a prominent position, a staggering 729% increase in attendance has been observed since 2017.

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