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NBA players from the Dominican Republic head to the FIBA World Cup


The FIBA World Cup, the most important international tournament for basketball, will be held next month. Taking the court will be the Dominican Republic, which is asking three of its NBA players to return home and represent the country.

A new era of basketball

In a historic development, the Dominican Republic has officially given the go-ahead for its basketball team to embody the sport's radiant spirit. Stepping into the spotlight, and possibly leading to an Olympic appearance for the DR, Karl Towns himself declared his intention to don the national team's attire during the highly anticipated FIBA World Cup.

In a video that reveals his deep connection to his Dominican heritage, the Minnesota Timberwolves player celebrates his ties. Capturing the essence of Santiago, the birthplace of his late mother, the city proudly stands as a testament to his shared Dominican roots. Along with picturesque images of the Dominican beach and the Restoration memorial, Towns shared a video confirming his participation.

Léster Quiñones, a new face in the NBA, landed in the country and immediately joined forces with the Dominican team. The star in the making had a remarkable season in the NBA G League, securing the league's Most Outstanding Player title this year. Having finished his season with the Golden State Warriors, Quiñones now brings his talents to the international stage.

Justin Minaya, recently acquired by the Portland Trail Blazers, has joined the trifecta of NBA players who have solidified their commitment to participate in this series. He has previously been devoid of significant playing time with the team, but is now eager to prove his worth.

Nestor Garcia, the acclaimed Argentine coach of the Dominican team, serves as a constant source of inspiration for his players. Under his leadership, the team has carved its name in history, and now faces a wonderful challenge: nurturing the next generation of Dominican successors.

Minaya forms a formidable lineup alongside exceptional athletes in Angel Luis Delgado and LJ Figueroa, who has shown his prowess in the NBA G League, and European talents such as Andres Feliz and Jean Montero.

DR seeks to make history

Within the Dominican Republic roster, there is a formidable core of talented individuals who have propelled the team to glorious heights in several prestigious world tournaments. During their journey, the Dominican team has a string of successes, including victory over previously unbeatable Argentina.

Victor Liz, Rigoberto Mendoza, Eloy Vargas, Elvis Solano, Gerardo Suero, Antonio Peña and Luis Santos emphasize the enduring nature of their qualification process. The Dominican team's World Cup journey has become synonymous with versatility as they participate in numerous qualifying competitions with a firm determination to improve their skills.

In the upcoming World Cup, an exciting clash awaits between the Dominican Republic and the tournament hosts, the Philippines, both belonging to Group A along with Angola and Italy.

Before arriving in the Philippines, the Dominican team will hold several training sessions in different locations. These include one with the University of Memphis in Santo Domingo, another in Puerto Rico and two more in Latvia and Spain. In the latter two, the team will play against their respective national teams, as well as Canada and Egypt.

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