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NBA Draft just around the corner


As the 2023 NBA draft approaches, uncertainties still loom over the next selection, scheduled for Thursday. Some predictions have been made, such as the expected placement of Victor Wembanyama with the San Antonio Spurs. However, the future of many aspiring players remains in question. The first pick in the 2023 NBA draft is set to be secured by the San Antonio Spurs.

Wembanyama to Spurs

The top spot in NBA Draft predictions is reserved for Wembanyama, thanks to his team's impressive placement in the NBA Draft Lottery. The Spurs are likely to pick him up, similar to how LeBron James was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the previous draft. Wembanyama's exceptional on-court skills make him the clear and undeniable first choice.

The Charlotte Hornets face a tough decision due to talented Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller, leaving them with a difficult choice for their 2023 NBA Draft pick. Ultimately, they may opt to trade their picks to avoid this difficult decision altogether. The possibility of Miller joining the Hornets could alter NBA predictions, as he is one of the top contenders to make a significant impact within the league.

According to the betting market, Miller is predicted as the most likely pick for the Hornets as their second choice. Depending on the Hornets' pick, one more participant will progress, with the Portland Trail Blazers finishing third. Therefore, in line with the NBA draft, Miller or Henderson may play for Portland in the coming year.

When the NBA Draft Lottery chips fell, the Houston Rockets had no choice but to settle for the fourth pick. Fans and analysts are of the opinion that Amen Thompson or Cam Whitmore could be selected at number four. Amen Thompson, who stands 6'7, is known for his exceptional rebounding skills and versatility on the court.

Recognized for his impressive on-court maneuvering, deft pinpoint accuracy and recognition as a top-notch teammate, Thompson decided to leave his studies to challenge himself in the Overtime Elite competition. During the 2022-23 season, he wowed the crowd with his exceptional performance for the City Reapers, scoring an impressive average of 16.4 points, collecting 5.9 rebounds and dishing out 5.9 assists per game. His incredible performance sparked the interest of several NBA franchises in anticipation of the approaching draft.

Other rising stars ready to show off

Derek Lively, who stands seven feet tall, caught the attention of teams during his pre-draft appearance due to his impressive shooting skills. Lively joined the program after his time at Duke University, where he played an average of 21 minutes per game, posting stats of 5.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocks.

Lively, a 19-year-old, has caught the attention of numerous NBA teams, including the Wizards, Mavericks, Magic, Thunder, Hawks and Pelicans. He ranks among the top 10 highly sought-after college graduates, having grabbed double-digit rebounds six times and double-digit scoring four times. Although he hit an impressive 65.8% from the field, he managed only 15.4% from beyond the arc.

Olivier Maxence-Prosper has become one of the top contenders after showing excellent scrum game skills. With a 7'1" wingspan and an impressive vertical range of 40.5 inches, he is considered the ultimate champion in combined wins.

This season, the 6'8 standing athlete has shown an overall improvement in his game. His performance has resulted in an average of 12.5 points, 1.1 three-pointers and 4.7 rebounds. He managed to maintain accuracy while taking shots, with a 51.2% field goal shooting percentage and a 33.9% three-point percentage.

After leaving Michigan as a sophomore, Kobe Bufkin's fan base has grown exponentially. Bufkin is a versatile guard who can score effortlessly from all three levels of play. His impressive stats include 14.5 points per game, 4.5 rebounds and 2.9 assists. With a .463/.325/.833 batting line, Bufkin has consistently delivered impressive performances.

Meanwhile, the last two years saw Ben Sheppard establish himself as an exceptional player. He had the potential to make a significant impact in the NBA, had the league not faced certain challenges.

During his time at Belmont, Sheppard, who had been a four-year starter in a row, averaged 18.8 points and 2.5 three-pointers per game, all while boasting a 47.1% field goal shooting percentage and 41.2% accuracy from beyond the arc.

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